141 Five Star Reviews!

Helen F. Excellent. Melissa is very caring, thorough and dedicated. 6/2014

Chip S. Best ever. 6/2014

Vicky S. Melissa did an amazing job!! I have been so busy and stressed with work and life itself and my session really helped me relax not feel as tensed as I usually am. I will definitely be going back and I would and will recommend her to family and friends. 9/2014

Kathy M. Melissa is very professional. The environment she has created is calming and relaxing. Her expertise has been instrumental in reducing the frequency and intensity of the tension headaches I have experienced. I have recommended her to many of friends and family. 8/2014

Anonymous Great customer service, after my first visit which was on a Saturday, she called me on Sunday to see how I was doing. She’ very skilled and promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. 6/2014

Courtney K. The next day I already felt a difference. Awesome! 10/2014

Bonnie F. It was a great message. 10/2014

Janet T. I liked the way I felt after the session. I liked the quite comfortable room. I like the whole experience! 10/2014

Berni H. I feel so good after just two sessions, I do not know why I waited so long! 10/2014

Melissa B. Incredible! 9/2014

Donna B. Great experience! Best I have had. 12/2014

Leslie L. It was awesome! 11/2014

Rick S. Fantastic environment and wonderful work and attentiveness. Thank you! 10/2014

Anonymous Awesome service! 10/2014

Shannon W. Melissa is amazing! I felt renewed and refreshed after my session. I’ve already set up my next appointment with her and I can’t wait! 10/2014

Andrea B. I had my first appointment today! I am so impressed!! I never knew how beneficial it is and so very necessary! Anyone interested, you should go see this lady! I can’t wait for my next one! 2/2015

Ryan M. This was my second visit to Melissa and it was awesome. Highly recommend! 1/2015

Kurt L. She was thorough and her technique effective. Her pricing is very good especially when purchasing a package which I have done. I plan to use her services as part of my health and wellness routine. 1/2015

Minnie W. I really had a good experience . Melissa know what she is doing. I would recommend her to my friends. Minnie 12/2014

Nikeda M. Overall I had a great experience. Melissa was very nice and professional. I’m glad I found Melissa and I’ll be going back. Thanks! 12/2014

Anonymous Liked the thoroughness. 4/2015

Melissa N. One of the best treatments I have had…ever! I am looking forward to continued treatments to be rid of pain that has gone on for so long where other treatments have failed. I also appreciate the personalized one-on-one counseling and discussion for overall well-being rather than being just another client. Thank you. 3/2015

Dee M. Melissa Watts is absolutely the best! Immediate relief. When I went in I had extreme lower back pain. Neck pain and shoulder tension. I could not stand up straight. When I walked out I was relieved and was standing straight and tall. Melissa is my therapist from now on. 3/2015

Anonymous Leave your worries outside, feel better head to feet, I’m going back for the 5 session package best value and well worth it, for me if my feet and back could talk they would say aaahhh more! Superb! Thank you Melissa 3/2015

Nancy P. Excellent technique, good all around, highly recommendable! 2/2015

Anonymous I have been to several therapists that I felt they were going through the motions, but did not know how to address my specific problems. Melissa was able to get deep into the issues and work them from multiple angles. 5/2015

Daniele A. I feel fantastic!! 5/2015

Leanne C. Awesome. 5/2015

Anonymous You worked out my stress well, it’s uncomfortable sometimes but necessary. It was a great session. Thanks 4/2015

Scott C. She is remarkable! The pain relief is incredible. Melissa has increased my flexibility in just a few sessions. Love her and have recommended her numerous times 7/2015

Mallory M. Melissa is wonderful! I highly recommend her to anyone. 6/2015

John B. Thanks for your terrific work, Melissa! 6/2015

Anonymous This was my first time. Melissa was extremely professional. She made every effort to ensure that I was comfortable. She did a wonderful job of location my problem areas and working them. I felt relief the next day. I have almost no lingering pain. I would recommend her highly. Glen Adams 6/2015

Kim H. I love Melissa she is awesome. Best I’ve ever had. 5/2015

Amy S. Excellent job and fixing my problems. 8/2015

Anonymous Very professional and adaptable. 8/2015

Anonymous I really appreciated her calm, understanding, and peaceful manner. She is very knowledgeable and professional as well. Thank you! 7/2015

Ginger M. Melissa’s treatments have been very helpful in relieving my pain. I appreciate how she takes the time to educate me on what she is doing and techniques I can use at home.7/2015

David E. Professional, friendly, felt great after. 7/2015

Stacy B. Melissa is great. She asked about my pain points and addressed them all. Afterwards, she gave me feedback about what issues she noticed. 9/2015

Rodrigo A. Always friendly and professional. Went here on a recommendation from a gym buddy and have felt comfortable from day 1. Came in with pains and discomforts in different parts of my body and all were gone after the first mention of them. Another big plus is I always have a great workout afterwards. 09/2015

Chip S. The best 8/2015

Anonymous Melissa gives a great advice. I highly recommend her. 8/2015

Nick M. Melissa did a good job and was very polite and professional. Highly Recommend. 8/2015

Bella V. Excellent 10/2015

Pat D. I appreciate not having to choose each additional item. Thank you for a (painful!) but very beneficial experience. I have already referred Melissa. 10/2015

Thomas M. I felt so relaxed! 10/2015

Linda M. After the appointment I felt terrific, but the best part was the unexpected “day after” effect. I had tension released that I didn’t realize were there. Exercising was easier and more satisfying. Thank you for your help in my efforts to improve my health. 9/2015

Anonymous Caring, dedicated and professional. 9/2015

Leslie L. Melissa gives an awesome treatment, and her space is very soothing! 12/2015

Jon V. Melissa knows her stuff. She has a good sense when to go deeper, and when to use less. 12/2015

Leon M. Having experienced various techniques from different parts of the world, I was pleasantly surprised to find Melissa’s method to be structured and professionally performed. She really knows what she is doing and I plan to return for more therapeutic treatments. The session was very beneficial. 12/2015

Brooke A. I’ve been going to Melissa now for about 3 years. She is awesome!! She listens to you about where you hurt, takes notes and reviews them before every visit!! Talk about customer focus! She’s super sweet, cares about how you are feeling and is always open and quick to give advice if you ask for it, though she is anything but pushy!!!! Quite the opposite. If you’re in the market for an awesome health professional that is focused on YOU and YOUR pain (not what the therapist thinks you need, or has been programmed to do), Melissa is on the money. Go see her!! 10/2015

Ken J. Awesome. 10/2015

Anonymous Melissa is very professional. Rates are competitive. She provides a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Oh yeah, and the treatment is fantastic as well. 🙂 2/2016

Berni H. If it was not for Melissa – I would not be walking. She studies your problem, investigates cause and affect of everything and works to make sure that you get your issue handled. I’ve referred several folks that are equally satisfied. 1/2016

Anonymous Melissa is an awesome wellness coach. She genuinely cares about your overall well-being. 1/2016

Keith H. A nice peaceful relaxing experience 1/2016

Regina W. One of the best experiences I have ever had! I wish she was open on the Weekends, but hopefully I can get back here again soon. 1/2016

Anonymous Melissa is skilled, well read, and provides a relaxing but therapeutic treatment. My headaches are so much better, and persistent areas of debilitating pain are now resolved. Thank you, Melissa. 3/2016

Goldie R. Melissa is amazing in every way. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. 3/2016

Andrea B. I think I astroprojected myself into another dimension. Her sessions are out of this world! If you ever need a serious stress relief, she is seriously the best! I made the mistake of going to a chain place up the street and it was a complete waste of my time and money. You won’t want to ever to go anyone else afterwards. 2/2016

Chad C. As good as it gets! 2/2016

Anonymous Melissa is a terrific therapist. Going there is a very nice experience, so much better than one of those sterile offices. Highly recommend to anyone. 2/2016

Anonymous Exactly what I needed. 4/2016

Lisa K. Awesome 3/2016

Delilah H. I loved how I felt afterwards. Very rejuvenated, actually my whole body! I just referred Pam Woolsey to her! 3/2016

Charla M. Melissa is the best, and most knowledgeable therapist I have ever used. I highly recommend her. 3/2016

Leslie R. Love the soothing setting. I love that Melissa tailors each session to my personal needs. 3/2016

Anonymous Love that girl, and her skill! 5/2016

Stephanie H. Melissa is amazing! 4/2016

Ashley N. Melissa makes me feel totally comfortable. She listens to my concerns and gives attention to areas that need it most. I’ve been noticing a difference in myself and know when I need to return to her. I highly recommend her. 4/2016

Rick S. Melissa always does an amazing job and customizes each treatment to your needs. I won’t use anyone else. 4/2016

Diana F. I liked everything about my experience. Melissa was very professional. I really liked that she let me relax. 4/2016

Carlos A. No further comments. You know what your doing and I appreciate it… I hope it works in the long run. 9/2016

Vastan T. Melissa provided the best plan. She definitely knows her stuff. At no time did I feel any discomfort. Highly recommended!! 8/2016

Jill D. Melissa was very attentive to my needs and concerns. Excellent work. She followed with her assessment of what she discovered and how it was affecting my body. Thank you, Melissa! 6/2016

Glen A. Melissa listens carefully to my issues and works diligently to help resolve them. She has really helped resolve several issues as well as just provide a relaxing treatment. I look forward to each visit. 6/2016

Leanne C. Loved everything. An amazing experience. I felt much better 6/2016

Pat D. I have used her for years to help manage health issues. Melissa is the best I have ever had. 10/2016

Anonymous Nothing to dislike, very knowledgeable 9/2016

Karl J. Always working for the client 9/2016

Anonymous Always a great meeting SEP 2016

Anonymous Her treatment is effective, and the healing process was needed for two years now with me. I appreciate her treatment greatly. She is professional and a practitioner of great integrity. 9/2016

Myra s. Melissa takes great care of me. All the stress is gone! 4/2017

Leon M. Great overall experience in a peaceful relaxing setting. Very professional from start to finish. 2/2017

Anonymous Loved the diffuser and the warm comfortable table JAN 2017

Anonymous Melissa’s approach to health sets the standard for all who dare to consider themselves a professional. She reads the body and applies the appropriate treatments. The space lends itself to the whole experience. So fortunate to have found her. NOV 2016

Bill P. Excellent. Will go back to her again. 11/2016

Helen F. Very caring, attentive and professional. JUL 2017

Carolyn B. My visit was awesome! Best I have ever had. JUL 2017

Elliott J. Great MAY 2017

Anonymous Melissa Watts offers a broad base of wellness skills. Always learning, always researching, always trying to help her clients, Melissa consistently helps me overcome problems I have battled fir years. MAY 2017

Anonymous I’m pretty young to have have range of motion issues in my neck. I did not realize just how bad it was until after the first session. Thank you for being an expert in your field! I’m a believer now, and the sessions have dramatically helped my sinuses, it’s nice to be able to breathe! Thank you! 4/2017

Leslie L. Melissa is very knowledgeable! DEC 2017

Vastan T. Very effective in finding underlying causes and eliminating symptoms. NOV 2017

Rick S. I would not consider using anyone else. Melissa has been providing excellent service to my family for several years. I’ve never met anyone who knows her business like Melissa. She gets results. Thank you! SEP 2017

Berni H. Would not go anywhere else..really knows what she is doing … I’m still able to walk because of her. AUG 2017

Glen A. Melisa has magic in her. She has been able to work out some deep pains. And, she makes me feel so good. I look forward to her sessions. 7/2017

Leon M. Very knowledgeable…………..very informative… MAR 2018

John B. Great and customized to my specific challenges MAR 2018

Kathi S. Melissa is always professional and inquires of any issues I might be having. Love her studio and the different oils she uses in the diffuser. FEB 2018

Anonymous Highly skilled and professional JAN 2018

Spencer D. Her knowledge and professionalism are top notch 12/2017

Anonymous Always a treat to come here! SEP 2018

Jan K. The best I’ve ever had. Gets better every time. As she learns your body, it just gets better. AUG 2018

Jill D. Melissa is helping me resolve my plantar fasciitis naturally. It’s only been 4 visits and I am able to walk again with a normal gait. Melissa is AMAZING!!! She listens to what your issues are and knows exactly what to do to resolve them. JUN 2018

Anonymous Melissa has a great setup for treatment. JUN 2018

Kristina F. Melissa was amazing and i learned valuable information on ways to improve my health. 4/2018

Leon M. Provides a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for an enjoyable experience. Always professional in her demeanor and respect for clients. MAR 2019

Anonymous Caring, attentive and very professional. FEB 2019

Tom H. While I have not personally worked with Melissa, I can say that the environment is great. The new location is so much better. It’s much bigger and much quieter. I am very happy that Sofia has a place where she can provide her services. Thanks Melissa!! FEB 2019

Keith H. Melissa is amazing and has great knowledge in what she does. FEB 2019

Thomas J. I’ve been in pain for weeks, 1 treatment with Melissa and I woke up with half the pain 1/2019

Anonymous Not sure how I would maintain my active lifestyle without the help I receive here. Highly recommend Melissa. AUG 2019

Robert A. You are the best 7/2019

Lee Anne B. Very clean…and quiet/relaxing APR 2019

Anonymous Always awesome! APR 2019

Anonymous Always professional 4/2019

Paul V. All good!!! JAN 2020

Anonymous she listen to me, very pleasant experience. OCT 2019

Steve B. Great place! OCT 2019

Anonymous Great SEP 2019

Anonymous I like the new space…I find I prefer the darker room of the old place but, the new place is nice. 9/2019

Anonymous Always a great experience. FEB 2020

Keith H. Melissa is the best at what she does. She is just a Fantastic person. FEB 2020

Barbara K. Everything was what I expected. I felt very comfortable and felt I was in very competent hands. FEB 2020

Thomas J. Melissa is a great wellness coach. I’ve been using her for 4 years. FEB 2020

Anonymous Service is consistently excellent. The facility is clean, and the ambiance is peaceful and calm. 1/2020

Jan K. Best ever. AUG 2020

Scott C. Incredible energy work. JUL 2020

Anonymous Always a comfortable experience as has been for the last three years treatments for my scoliosis and neck pain. JUN 2020

Leon M. Very professional at all times. MAR 2020

Bailey S. Easy location to find, always super clean and smells like yummy essential oils! 2/2020

GOOGLE REVIEWS 10 reviews, 100% 5 star

Leon M Very thorough and very professional. Melissa Watts really knows her trade and is able to target problems to achieve relief from a variety of ailments. I would highly recommend her services. She is one of a kind and I would never consider seeing anyone else. JAN 2020

Dana L Was having issues with hormones, mood and weight gain after menopause. She gave me a thorough recommendation during the visit and it’s been a few months now and I feel SO much better! Highly recommend! JAN 2020

Scott C I have known Melissa for 3 years. She has been a godsend. I visited her Monday with severe shoulder problems. Melissa had my shoulder feeling great after 45 min. She is truly remarkable with her clients. She offers a comfortable environment and is so knowledgeable and professional. I wish I could give more than 5 stars FEB 2018

Benard R Awesome Business DEC 2019

Susan M Melissa is knowledgeable and compassionate. She is well read yet realistic. If you’re looking for a therapist, consider Melissa. DEC 2015

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